NJA Hemp for Skin and Health

'Food for thy Skin' Hemp Moisturiser

All  Natural - Nothing Artificial

NJA Hemp Moisturiser


I’ve used it every day. Great texture, beautiful on my skin. No oily film or unpleasant layer. Works beautifully under makeup. The smooth formula means that it lasts so long. Thank you

Sharynn (30 Years Old)

I just love love love the NJA Hemp Moisturiser. This moisturiser turned my hands from ‘reptile’ to human again. It soaks beautifully into the skin.

Natalie (44 Years Old)

I just returned from hiking the 3 Capes. I took your moisturiser with me on the trip as it was so light to carry. I loved putting it on my skin at the end of the day's hike. it smelt lovely and replaced lost moisture from the wind and sun. As you say, it goes a long way. Very Happy. Thanks

Alwynne (65 Years Old)